Sumpli Workforce Management.

Manage and optimise your team members, tasks and work shifts on mobile.
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Connect your workers, staffing companies and freelancers to work in mobile.

Move beyond outdated manual scheduling and sms into a new era of simplicity and efficiency. Dispatch shifts and tasks on mobile with various intelligent rules and automation or by handpicking the right user for the job using smart criteria. Create your teams and keep your employee data up to date with Sumpli mobile app.

Add efficiency, save time and boost employee satisfaction

Reduce money spent on rented labor contracts and agency fees. Improve employee satisfaction, flexibility and mobility between units. Boost manager efficiency. Smart analytics from managers, employees and team. Comply with GDPR and “Lisätyön tarjoamisvelvollisuus”.

Enterprise security, tailored rules and integrations.

Sumpli can be customised to match every process exactly how it happens in your company and adopt to changes at any time. Sumpli Work API helps to quickly connect and integrate data with other software solutions. Sumpli team data is strictly private and visible only for your managers.

Sumpli platform used by many leading employers in Finland.

How it works

1. Invite and build your teams

Invite, group, tag and build your worker pools and teams from existing workers or by using Sumpli recruitment.

2. Post shifts and tasks

Create and share shifts to right worker pools. Manage applications and requests.

3. Choose users

Choose right users for the job. Reminders and calendars are automatically updated.

4. Automate

Approve hour reports and automate / export to payroll. Generate smart data and analytics from employees, freelancers, managers and teams.

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