Never leave shifts or tasks unfilled again.

Find the right employee or qualified and eligible external staff to cover using Sumpli platform.

Mobile Workforce Management for teams

Move beyond outdated manual scheduling and sms into a new era of simplicity and efficiency. Dispatch shifts and tasks on mobile with various intelligent rules and automation or by handpicking the right user for the job using smart criteria.

Employees, part-timers and freelancers. Say hello to your new talent manager.

Easily manage all your teams and offer more flexible work opportunities. Fill in the blanks and reduce money spent on rented labor contracts and agency fees.

Tools for smart shift managers.

  • Choose the right members
  • Smart filters (eg. unit, work history, experience, location etc.)
  • Manage and control users
  • Choose right applicants for the job
  • Understand your teams better with data

Happy and productive mobile workers

  • Easy and fun to use
  • Browse jobs and apply
  • Work calendar
  • Team invites
  • Android & iOS


Track, analyze, and plan to improve your team and tasks

Analyze workforce capacity, utilization, distribution, shift performance and more.

Enterprise ready. Customise and connect.

  • Customise automations, rules and statistics
  • Location based time tracking and reporting
  • Connect to other software
  • Build apps with Sumpli work automation
  • Enterprise grade security and support
  • Sumpli Work API

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