Find extra work on your schedule

Find on-demand extra work from companies nearby with Sumpli app.


Sumpli mobile app connects you to extra work in your city

With Sumpli you can simply add a few shifts on the side when you are available.

  • Sumpli app finds suitable extra work matching your profile and skills
  • Work on your own schedule
  • Choose and apply to work tasks you want
  • Gain new experience and build up your profile

Choose your industry and skills. We match you to right kind of opportunities.

Find extra work from events, restaurants, cafes, cleaning, delivery, offices and much more.

  • We gather jobs from leading companies in to one app
  • Find opportunities from multiple industries and task types
  • From entry level to professional tasks
  • Find new trainings and join teams
  • Fair pay and above average wages
  • Equal opportunities for all regardless of age, sex or language

What are the requirements for extra work in Sumpli?

How to start earning through extra shifts

  • Previous work experience from similar tasks
  • Finnish social security number or
  • Authorized to work in Finland (EU citizen or work permit)
  • Any work specific requirements are shown in the app
  • Mobile device (iOS or Android)
  • Company id or a freelancer account for freelancer shifts or
  • Valid taxcard information for normal shifts

Have a freelancer account or your own company?

Apply to our freelancer team see more opportunities. Get fast, automated payments directly to your account from Sumpli shifts. If you don’t have account yet, create a freelancer account for free.

Need more help?

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