What invoicing services can I use?

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For extra work in Finland, we recommend the following freelancing services. Registration and usage is free and does not oblige you to anything. You can cancel account at any time if you wish.


Eezy is one of the leading invoicing services in Finland. Register to the service and integrate your account to Sumpli app. Your payments are then automated directly to your account without any invoicing hassle.

When registering use Recruitment/Voucher code 33438370 for additional free credits.

OP Kevytyrittäjät

OP Kevytyrittäjät is easy way to work and also deduct costs as your freelancing grows.

If you are using any other service for invoicing, please ask us more. You can also use normal company ID.


You can register any business ID or other invoicing service (Ukko, Odeal etc) to your Sumpli profile.