Automate hiring and on-demand work using Sumpli.


Create and share jobs to thousands of active jobseekers in mobile.

Ongoing recruitment
We are looking for the best talents for you 24/7

On-demand shifts
Find and hire suitable talent nearby for individual gigs

Intelligent profiles
Standardised candidate profiles for quick comparision

Manage applications
Organize candidates across different stages with our unique dashboard

Team access
Collaborate on hiring decisions as all members of your team can review and rate candidates

Mobile app
Manage recruitment on the go

Company profile
A SEO-friendly company page aggregating your jobs and company information

Autamme markkinoimaan työpaikat oikeille hakijoille.

ATS integrations
Manage your applications outside Sumpli (Teamtailor and others)

My Teams
Invite and group your employees. Distribute free shifts between units on mobile and with smart automation rules.

Provide instant salary payments and payroll automation from extra shifts.

Tailored solution for large companies. Ask us more.