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Job tenures in service industry are now months, not years. People want change and flexible working opportunities. At the same time companies have to constantly recruit new talent. Sumpli is modern marketplace and app workers and companies matching interests and availability. Teams use Sumpli to collaborate with hiring in mobile and on the go. Our intelligent profiles makes it fast to find the right match.

The way we hire and work has fundamentally changed.

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Our Talent

Sumpli app is in the pocket of tens of thousands job applicants in Finland. Sumpli has intelligent profiles with video, working history, skills, verification badges and much more. Jobseekers use single digital profile to apply. No more CVs and attachments.

Sumpli Admin App

Manage your applications on the go. Our new app already has hundreds of managers signed up. We support iOS and Android (6.0+) devices.

Tailored recruiting

Recruiting simplified. Pay only from a finding fee from a succesful hire.

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Order staff on-demand and optimise your workforce.

We now live in an 
on-demand economy and employees expect digital experience. The work of the future is flexible and popularity of the gig economy is rising rapidly. For companies, digitalisation creates new models to balance between under and overstaffing. With Sumpli you can build your own teams and assign free shifts to your employee pools. You can also create public shift and reach free talents nearby for work. You always choose suitable applicant.

Find and hire extras in minutes.


Order extra help with Sumpli app within hours. As a business user, you can either assign and pay wages yourself without extra fees or use our InstaSalary function.


Sumpli app also supports private teams. Arrange vacant shifts with your employees and external teams and gain insight in to your organisation.


Automate payroll and employer costs with Sumpli app. Fixed fee (1.7x wage) incl. contract, payroll and insurance. No hidden costs or surprises. Purchase with credit card or invoice. See order summary and costs with your order.

Digital tools for staffing and hiring.

Sumpli app works as subscription app for companies. Our pricing starts from 199€/month. We are a tech company based in Helsinki and also offer customisations and integration options for larger enterprises.

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