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New rules of recruitment are here.

The workplace of the future is flexible and connected. 
 Employees now expect the on-demand experience. According to Deloitte, 80 percent of Millennials and Generation Z would consider or have already joined the gig economy to supplement full-time employment. Sumpli is an app for helping companies to profit from the on-demand gig economy and modern ongoing hiring. Sumpli app works with your team and in mobile.

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Ongoing recruitment in mobile

Sumpli finds you suitable talents from our user pool of tens of thousands active job seekers and new daily users. You receive and process applications with our custom mobile or web app.

  • Manage jobs and applicants (ATS)
  • Intelligent matchmaking
  • Standardised applicant profile data
  • Professional hiring pages
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Gain followers and silent applicants

Hire professional extras on-demand

With Sumpli you can hire extra workers that are looking for extra work. This is modern approach to staffing where persons with availability share their status and apply to your free shifts. Save money and reduce staffing costs by finding suitable talent through Sumpli. On-demand shifts are also great way to support your recruitment and trial new talents.

  • Find available workers in minutes
  • You always choose
  • Reviewed and verified talents
  • Reduce staffing costs
  • Payroll either by your company or
  • InstaSalary® automated payroll

New! Sumpli teams – increase efficiency inside

Now you can also publish shifts to your own teams and user groups. Invite your teams via email or invite code to your team in the Sumpli app! Ask us more.

  • Comply with labor law regulations about extra work
  • Optimise your own teams and workers
  • Reduce extra staffing costs to zero
  • Increase movement between units
  • Invite your own team by invite code or email
  • Gain better insight

Fast recruitment

Traditional recruitment can take up to a month. With Sumpli you start processing applicants the first day and fill positions within hours.

On-demand work

Recruit suitable talent nearby for extra work. Save on staffing costs and use the opportunity for recruitment as well.

Manage on the go

Process applications, jobs and shifts through Sumpli web or mobile app.

How Sumpli fits in to your organisation

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We run continuous multi-channel acquisition campaigns for talents.

Application experience

Sumpli is the new way to match with talent using our simple web interface or mobile app.


Fulfil data protection regulations by using professional software instead emails.


Optimise staffing costs. Find suitable talents through Sumpli.


Comment and share applications with your managers. Invite employees to your working team.


Automated payroll solution. Ask us more.

Start hiring in Sumpli

Management time is precious. Let’s make your recruitment faster. Pricing starts from 199€/month.

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