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Sumpli app gathers job opportunities and gigs into your pocket

The fastest way to find work and earn they way that works best for you. Sumpli offers you a front row access to your favourite companies and let’s you follow your favourite brands, get notified when new opportunities open and find new opportunities every day. Apply directly, fast and on mobile.

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Simplest way to apply for a job

Download the app and apply for jobs with one profile. Start shift work and get paid on the same day.

Follow your favorite companies

Sumpli app finds jobs and shifts suitable for you and keeps you updated on new interesting work opportunities in your home town.

Make some extra

Find one or a few days lasting extra shifts through Sumpli.

Get paid the same day

Get paid on the same day with shift work regardless of the day of the week.

Sumpli Admin App for Companies

September 2018

Manage shifts and job applications in mobile. Register your company and start managing applications on the go. Quick order on-demand staff for unfilled shifts. Choose the best applicants for the job…. Read More


Sumpli is good news in Finland

August 2018

Sumpli wants to become the place to be for jobseekers and employers across Europe. This Finnish platform brings the work and jobseekers together. Read the full story here .


First InstaSalary in the world delivered in Sumpli app

June 2018

Sumpli shifts are now powered by instant salary function meaning you don’t have to wait until next week or month to get paid. You can simply withdraw funds… Read More