What’s inside the employee app

To make it easier to understand how Sumpli mobile app currently works, here’s a quick break down of features (as of September 2019 / v. 1.1.14 / Android + iOS)

Private teams

Employees can join numerous private teams inside Sumpli. This adds capabilities to access and apply for team tasks and shifts. When user joins a team, admins can add private company information to the user profile (like employee number). Employees can join via email invite or by inserting six digit team code.

Shift feed and notifications

Users get notification from any new shifts and tasks available via push notification. Feed view shows all open jobs where users can apply, decline and view more information about the task.


Users can access various public and private team openings, trainings and more.


Users can build up their own profile on mobile that is visible to managers when users apply to tasks. Managers can also access profile by browsing My Team section. If we’re missing contact details, user is asked to fill in necessary details before applying to work. Managers can also add verifications to user profiles (manually reviewed documents for example). Besides certifications, managers can add reviews and rewards to user profiles.


New shifts and application status is always visible from the calendar view. App also notifies from any upcoming work shifts with push messages (day before and an hour before). Calendar is automatically updated when managers close shifts or accept other applicants. When a work shift has multiple dates, calendar automatically distributes shifts accordingly. Users can access more information by clicking the job card.

Job view

Managers add basic information about the shift. Manager can also add private information that is visible only to the accepted user (for example door codes). User can open and view map as well check the agreed work shift hours from the app.


Users can set up their own preferences and notifications what they want to see. If using automated payroll, users also can upload their tax cards or invoicing details. Sumpli supports both Finnish and English and right language is automatically in use based on device language.

Support chat

Users can reach us immediately if any questions or issues arise.

Team space (beta)

After users have joined a team they can access team materials, training guides and news from the team.

Employee calendar (coming soon)

Employees can set up their own availability in the app for managers to see.