Introduction for Shift Managers

New to Sumpli? Here’s a small brief of features available.

My team

One of the main function of Sumpli platform is the features build around your team. As manager you can invite employees and managers to your team. Employees can also join with your six digit team invite code (you can find this under My Team view). After employee has downloaded and logged in to the app and joined your team, they will be visible here. As a manager you can view their information and add company specific data to their profiles. Managers can also add users to various worker pools (like Helsinki) and groups (like Has License) and use this later on with shift and news visibility and analytics.

Add new shifts

With Sumpli platform you can send work shifts, tasks and even event registrations to all your team members, selected groups or individual users. You can also come back and edit the shift, if you want to start with smaller amount of recipients and add more later. ‘Shift card’ that is shown to the app users has title, content, image from your media library as well date and working hours by default. You can also add private note (like door code) that is shown only to the user that is selected for the task. If you add street address to the shift, instructions are shown to users accordingly. Please note we use google service to check address data, so this needs to be in address format. Newest version supports also variety of different options where time and location can be optional and you can bundle several days in to the same shift.

After publishing a shift you can still re-edit information, repost the notification, archive or duplicate the shift as new. You can filter completed shifts from the history and export data to your payroll.

If allowed, you can access shifts and jobs from all managers of your team. Please note that any email notifications are only sent to owner of the task. Choose “Show only my shifts” option to disable this.

Applicant selection

Manager can view any new application in the shifts view that is updated in real time. If enabled, manager also get email notification. Manager either accepts or declines users by pressing red or green button. This triggers users calendar and notifications accordingly. If shift accepts multiple users, manager can accept several users to the shift (or event signup for example). This means that shift is not hidden and closed from new applications after user has been chosen to the shift.

Some companies use automatic selection where applicants are automatically approved to the shift without managers’ approval. This is disabled by default.


If you’re using Sumpli for recruiting, you can manage your open jobs and new applications here. Your new jobs are automatically matched to right users in the app. If user is following your brand in the app, they will also get push message. If you have purchased promoted post, it will be pushed and promoted to all matching profiles in the app.

You can view user profile information, change the processing state and also share notes with your team mates. Please note that by default, jobs are not sending notifications or emails to the applicants. Only by archiving the job or user (red button), will show that job has closed for this user. Also note that unprocessed applications expire and archive automatically unless you select the user onwards.

Media library and address book

Shift and job forms have quick image selection without an option to add more images. Media library access can be limited only for marketing. Here you can add new images that are shown with jobs, shifts and company profile in the app.

If you’re using same locations with shifts, the app can remember this by saving them to the address book.


Edit your company profile and your own contact details. Please your contact details are shown in the app for users by default. You can also jump between units and companies if you have access to multiple.

Sumpli admin is available in English and Finnish.


Shift and team analytics give you information of most active users and managers (leaderboard). You can also view your team growth and activity. App learns automatically to recommend users that have previous experience from previous tasks. You can also add user rewards based on completed tasks or positive reviews.

Upcoming features

Shift approvals for manual time tracking, access employee availability calendars, receive sick leave requests and open new shifts, share documents, news and training materials to your team. Join the discussion: we have weekly online sessions about new feature development with our customers.

Manager mobile app (beta)

Managers can soon manage applicant selection and quickly find worker information using a native mobile app. Meanwhile, our admin is fully responsive and can be accessed with mobile and tablets too.

API and integrations

We’ve done multiple integrations of shift planning and HR softwares. We also have many best practices and learnings from cases before how to start without heavy integrations. Some companies have connected web services and orders to automatically create new tasks for their users and groups. We’re here to help!